Basic! We are here to have fun only, we aren’t a competitive company!


Obey Trucksbook, and TruckerMP Rules
Respect ALL VTC's
Have Fun
Go at your own pace !!

We have a 30 day probation period - Meaning, you are allowed to join and run with the company as soon as your App has been approved, but you may be under review on performance and attitude for the 30 day period.

***Must be more active in your first 30 days***

We strongly suggest joining the Discord for interaction with members, even if you are running in single player

But we understand that real life takes absolute Priority

Remember, we aren't a competitive company. We are just here for Fun !!

Thanks for Your Interest

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Jobs logged

868,194 km

Distance driven

106,577 t

Cargo moved

277,593 L

Fuel used